Your Sewer Shaft

Your Sewer Shaft

Each property connected to Hunter Water's sewerage service via a gravitational sewer system should have a sewer inspection shaft (sewer shaft). All wastewater (sewage) that flows from the house is discharged to the sewer main via this sewer shaft. The sewer shaft is normally located within the property boundary. The sewer shaft is used both for maintenance access and to confirm the sewer system within the property is working correctly. Should there be a sewer overflow on the property, an inspection of the sewer shaft is conducted to determine whether the overflow is due to a blockage in the sewer pipes within the property, or due to a blockage in Hunter Water's sewer main.

Repairing, Replacing and Maintaining Sewer Shafts

In July 2011 a change to Hunter Water's Customer Contract confirmed customers are responsible for maintaining and repairing all wastewater pipes and fittings up to and including the point of connection with Hunter Water's wastewater system. This change brought Hunter Water into alignment with most other water utilities in Australia. An interim policy has been in place to assist in this change. From 30 June 2015 customers will be responsible for repairs/replacements of the sewer shaft. Please contact Hunter Water should you be in genuine financial hardship.

Where the sewer main is located outside the property, Hunter Water has responsibility for the sewer branch pipe up to one metre inside the property boundary. Where the sewer main is located within the property boundary Hunter Water has responsibility for the sewer branch pipe up to one metre from the sewer main.

Please note, Hunter Water will continue to inspect and clear blockages from your sewer shaft and the sewer main.

Standard Sewer Service Responsibilities