Think Before You Flush

Did you know there are certain things you should not put down your sink, drain or toilet?

Hunter Water treats wastewater from over 200,000 properties in the lower Hunter, so what you do and don't flush down the toilet, drain or sink can make a big difference.

The wrong type of items can block your drains, overload and damage the wastewater system or create environmental damage.

The wastewater system is designed to treat degradable sewage so to help ensure it works properly, here are some examples of what can and can't go down your sink, drain or toilet.


  • milk and juice in small amounts
  • water from kitchen sink, laundry, bathing
  • human waste


  • yoghurt or dairy products
  • fruit and vegetable waste
  • cooking oils and fats
  • toilet fresheners, nappies and sanitary products
  • pills, medicines, cosmetics and cotton buds
  • household paint and cleaners
  • chemicals, pesticides, motor oils
  • stormwater and yard drainage

Experiencing a pipe blockage?

As a property owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all wastewater pipes and fittings on your property up to and including the point of connection with our wastewater system.

If you are experiencing a blockage within your toilets or drains, please check your internal drainage is working property before contacting us. This will help us determine the appropriate course of action.

Find out more information about sewer blockages.