Sewer Systems

Gravity Sewer Systems

Gravity sewer systems are considered the traditional method for sewage disposal. They are a good way of collecting and disposing of sewage from properties in areas where the landscape has a gradual slope, a low water table and flooding is rare.

How Do They Work?

Gravity sewer systems rely on gradually sloping pipelines to allow the sewage to flow naturally downhill, away from your property and into the collection network. This network ultimately transports flows to a local or regional treatment plant. Refer to the gravity sewer diagram for an illustration of this.
If the area surrounding your property is very hilly, does not slope in the direction required for sewage to flow naturally downhill, or is prone to flooding, a pressure sewer system may be a better solution.

Pressure Sewer Systems (PSS)

Pressure sewer systems are an economical and environmentally friendly way of collecting, transporting and disposing of wastewater from households. They are often used in areas when the landscape is either very hilly or very flat, in areas that regularly flood or have high water tables, or where it is impractical to install other types of sewerage systems.

How Do They Work?

The properties sewage is discharged to an on-property pumping station. This dedicated pumping unit incorporates a grinder pump to reduce the sewage to a watery slurry. The pumping station then discharges through a small pipeline into Hunter Water’s sewerage system.

What Components Make Up a Pressure Sewer System?

The pressure sewer system is made of four key elements which are illustrated in the pressure sewer system components diagram.  These elements are:

  • pumping unit
  • boundary valve kit
  • house service line
  • control panel

Please contact us if this is the type of sewer system proposed for your development.

How Does the Pumping Unit Work?

The main component of the pressure sewer is the pumping unit, which is installed on the property.  See Page 3 of Using your Pressure Sewer System - an Owners Manual.