Water Usage

Australia has one of the highest per capita water consumption rates in the world. While two thirds of all the people on Earth use less than 60 litres of water a day, the average Hunter resident uses almost twice that amount during a single shower.

At Hunter Water, we deliver on average 205 Megalitres (ML) to the Lower Hunter community each day (one Megalitre equals 1 million litres).  That is the equivalent of around 82 Olympic size swimming pools of water!

How Much Water Do You Use?

Take a look at your most recent bill to see how much water you use in your home or business. You will find this information on page 2 of your bill.

Water Usage Image

Want to know where in your home you use the most water?

Our water usage calculator estimates your water consumption based on your answers to questions regarding water use in and around the home.  You will be provided with a breakdown of water use around the home and handy tips will help you reduce water use, save money and the environment.

Use our water usage calculator to find out how much you could save.