Residential Pricing & Charges

The charges shown below are for a full year. Residential customers receive a bill from Hunter Water three times a year. Water and sewer charges for customers consist of a fixed service charge and a usage charge.

IPART released its Determination on the maximum prices that Hunter Water can charge customers for water, sewerage and stormwater drainage in 2016. Find out what this means to your household bill.

As part of this determination new residential charges commenced on 1 July 2018.

Not a residential customer? View our business pricing and charges

Water Charges

Water charges for residential customers are made up of:

  • A base water service charge for operating the water system.
  • A water usage charge is applied to the volume of water used by an individual customer.  Usage charges are measured in kilolitres (kL).

Residential Water Charges

Water Charges

Base water service charge $75.01 per annum
Water usage $2.34 per kL water used

Sewer Charges

Sewer charges for residential customers are made up of:

  • A base sewer service charge that covers most of the costs of operating the sewer system.  
  • An environmental improvement charge, which contributes to the cost of providing sewerage to established but unsewered areas in the Lower Hunter.
  • A Clarence Town sewer charge which contributes to the provision of a sewerage service connection for Clarence Town properties only. This charge is only paid by residents of Clarence Town.

Residential Sewer Charges

Base sewer service charge for a stand-alone dwelling  $635.85 per annum
Dwelling Sewer service charge per flat or unit  $508.67 per annum
Environmental Improvement Charge $40.46 per annum
Clarence Town Sewer Charge (Clarence Town properties only) $44.82 per annum

For a complete list of current prices see our Customer Charges Guide.

A new sewer scheme has been completed at Clarence Town and town residents are now able to connect to this system. Learn more about the Clarence Town Sewerage Scheme.

Depending on the location of your property you may be also charged a stormwater drainage charges.  From 1 July 2018 the residential stand-alone dwelling or vacant land stormwater charge is $77.90 per year. For flats and units the charge is $28.83 per flat/unit.