Pension Rebates

Who gets the rebate?

You are eligible for a pensioner rebate if you are the owner and occupier of a property and hold one of the following cards:

Pension Concession Card Repatriation Health Care Card
Pensioner Concession Card Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card
  • The rebate only applies to the property a pensioner owns and occupies.
  • There are circumstances where the applicant is not the owner of a property, such as under the terms of a life tenancy, sole beneficiary, or similar agreement, but may still be entitled to the rebate.
  • Pensioners are not eligible for the rebate for any additional premises they may own, such as investment properties.
  • If your property forms part of a community title contact us.

How to apply for the rebate

  1.   Simply            
  2. or contact us.

  3. Have your pension card and an alternative form of identification (Medicare or driver licence) handy, so we can ask you some questions about it.
  4. The rebate will be applied to your account.