Stormwater Drainage Charges

Only properties located in the catchments of Hunter Water's stormwater drains pay drainage charges. For non-residential customers, this charge is based on the area of your property or whether it is a predetermined 'low impact' property.


Residential Stormwater Service Charges (per annum)

House, Vacant Land $79.63
Units and Flats  $29.47

Non-Residential Property Area

Non-Residential Stormwater Service Charges (per annum)

Small ≤1,000M2 OR Low Impact* $79.63
Medium ≥1,001 - 10,000M2 $260.08
Large ≥10,001 - 45,000M2  $1,654.10
Very Large ≥45,000M2  $5,255.48

Low impact business properties are often large in area and are assessed by Hunter Water to have a low area of impermeable surface.

For a complete list of current prices see our Customer Charges Guide.