Environmental Improvement Charge Refund

If you owned a property within the Hunter Water network of operations between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2018 which was not connected to our sewer services, your property may have been incorrectly charged an Environmental Improvement Levy Charge (EIC). The EIC was applied to all properties within our network (where sewer services were available) during this time to fund the cost of providing sewerage to backlog areas not currently receiving sewerage services. The current amount of the EIC is $41.01 per annum (18/19 financial year). 

Following a recent customer enquiry, Hunter Water became aware that a minor technical change was made to our final price determination in 2013, which brought into question Hunter Water's authority to levy the EIC against properties not connected to the sewer system (i.e. vacant land). 

In response, we have now ceased levying the EIC on properties that are not connected to our sewer network and have committed to credit those customers for the period of the determinations (1 July 2013 to 30 June 2018). 

If you have received a letter referencing that a property you own (or owned) was levied with an EIC charge incorrectly during the relevant period, you can choose to do the following:

Do Nothing                                          

We have already applied a credit to the property account equalling the amount overcharged, and this can be used to offset the cost of your next bill, which should be arriving in the next few days. Check your most recent bill for an adjustment totalling the amount referenced in your notification letter. This is the amount credited to your account for the incorrect EIC charge applied between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2018.  If you can't find this adjustment or you aren't sure if it has been applied correctly, e-mail or call us on 1300 657 657.

Request a Refund

Complete the form below and a refund will be deposited into your nominated bank account.

If you have any trouble using these methods of applying for a refund, call us on 1300 657 657.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue, we hope that the actions we have taken have rectified the matter.

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