What is Water Resilience?

Water resilience is about having a reliable water supply that can adapt and respond to change. The goal of the Water Resilience Program is to ensure our region has a sustainable and resilient water system, both now and for the future.

 water resilience goals

The goal of the water resilience program

The program does a lot of things including:

  • learning with our community to conserve our water together
  • taking care of our environment to make sure our system is sustainable, both for now and for future generations
  •  looking at different water sources and ways to use water now and in the future
  • providing opportunities for our community to participate in future decisions about water
  • making sure our plans can adapt to future uncertainties, such as population growth, a more variable climate and technological change.

Water is at the heart of the Hunter community. It is essential for our health and wellbeing and is a critical part of our region’s prosperity.

There are lots of people that need to be part of the water conversation - the community, business, industry and government – and us. 

Our goal is to make sure everyone loves water as much as we do!