How Much Water Do We Need?

At the moment there are about 570,000 people in the Lower Hunter and they all need access to clean, reliable drinking water.

On average, a typical household in the lower Hunter uses around 200 litres of drinking water per person per day. The diagram below shows how water is typically used in an average household.


how we use water

How we use water in the Lower Hunter

Our region has always been mindful of our water use – but there is more we can all do. Our average water use is around 10% greater than some of the best performing urban areas across Australia.


Hunter Water is working hard to reduce the amount of water we all use through water conservation programs such as:

  •  Water loss minimisation - we are focused on reducing leaks in the Hunter Water supply system through increasing leak detection programs, monitoring our system and reducing our response times to reported leaks.
  • Non-residential water conservation – we are working closely with our business community to identify ways to save water together.
  • Residential water conservation – we have a range of programs in place to help save water in our homes and encourage water conservation practices.
  • Community engagement to learn how to save water together.                

The reliable yield of our current water source system is about 76 billion litres of drinking water per year. That is, our system can reliably supply 76,000 million litres of water per year under average climate conditions.

Based on our projections of future demand for water, this should allow us to supply our growing customer base until about 2037.

water demand graph        

Future water supply and demand        

Climate has a big impact on supply. We are working with research partners to understand longer term climate variability and help us prepare for events such as drought. Learn more about our drought response measures