Water Quality

Hunter Water provides safe and reliable drinking water to over half a million customers in the lower Hunter. We take a holistic approach to managing our water quality from source to tap, ensuring we deliver high quality water to our customers while protecting the environment.

Our drinking water systems are aligned to "The Framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality" that is part of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines - the national reference document for drinking water quality. The framework emphasises a preventive multiple barrier approach to protecting drinking water quality from catchment to tap. Drinking water supplied by Hunter Water is consistently of a very high standard and well within the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Under our operating licence we are required to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Quality is ensured by specifying health-based and aesthetic criteria as well as maintaining preventive measures to protect water quality from catchment to tap.

Learn more about our drinking water guidelines.

We also work closely with NSW Health through the Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that all current and emerging issues associated with drinking water quality are identified and assessed.                

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Drinking Water Fact Sheets and Information