Don't Hide Your Hydrant

Hunter Water along with the NSW Fire & Rescue and NSW Rural Fire Brigade maintains around 50,000 water hydrants to ensure they are visible, accessible and working.

What is a water hydrant?

A water hydrant is used by fire fighters to access the water supply in the case of a fire. It is also used by Hunter Water for maintenance purposes.

Where are hydrants located?

Water hydrants are located below ground. Their lids are usually located on the road or footpath. In urban areas, water hydrants are usually positioned along one side of the street about 120 metres apart. In rural areas, water hydrants are located around 220 metres apart.

The proximity of a water hydrant is identified by small indicator signs on posts, telegraph poles or along the shoulder of the road or gutter.

What does a hydrant look like?

Water hydrants can be identified by their bright yellow cast iron square shaped lids that has a capital 'H' on the top. This assists fire fighters to quickly identify them.

Why are hydrants important?

During an emergency, including a bush or house fire, it is important to know where the water hydrant is located. Having clear access to a water hydrant may make a difference to how quickly an emergency can be brought under control.

It is important to ensure there are no obstructions preventing fire fighters from locating and connecting hoses to hydrants, or that the hydrant is not covered by grass or soil.

There should also be no bush or tree limbs that could interfere with anyone approaching the hydrant and attempting to operate it.

Don't hide your hydrant

Make sure you regularly keep grass and other obstructions away from hydrants. If you notice a hydrant that is damaged or requires repainting, please contact Hunter Water on
1300 657 657.

Download the factsheet here.