Bushfires and Your Water

Rebate for Firefighting

Hunter Water gives customers a rebate for the water they use to defend their homes from a bushfire.  

The rebate is applied to all properties within a one kilometre radius of a large bushfire and is calculated by the usage difference between the account period covering the fire and a matching account period from the last non-bushfire year.

Bushfire rebates will appear automatically on affected customers' bills, with a minimum rebate of 3,000 litres of water usage applied.

For customers who lose their home in a fire, Hunter Water will waive all service charges for 12 months as well as the connection and disconnection fees associated with demolishing and re-building their home. Customers in this tragic situation will need to contact us.

Water Supply in a Bushfire

While Hunter Water does everything it can to maintain water supply at all times, in a bushfire it is a possibility that both the water and power supply will be interrupted.

It's therefore important for people living in or near the bush to have a bushfire survival plan that includes an independent water supply. For more information on developing a bushfire survival plan, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service.

It's also important that you keep your nearest hydrant uncovered and easily identifiable. Find out more about maintaining your hydrant.