Thornton North Dual Reticulation Scheme

The Thornton North Scheme is the first dual reticulation project that Hunter Water has undertaken and will service approximately 5,000 properties over the next 20 years. Each property will be serviced by three separate services:

  • drinking water
  • sewer
  • recycled water.

Developers and the local council are supportive of the initiative, which is expected to save up to 600 million litres of drinking water per year (equivalent to approximately 2000 homes).

The Thornton North Scheme will receive recycled water from the nearby Morpeth Wastewater Treatment Works.

Currently a dedicated recycled water plant is being designed to provide water for the scheme this will include additional treatment steps such as membrane filtration and chlorination to provide a high quality recycled water product.

Please view our recycled water for homes fact sheet.

Non Drinking Water Installation Diagram:


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