Eraring Power Station

Eraring Power Station

Eraring Power Station is located on the south western shores of Lake Macquarie and accounts for approximately 25 per cent of New South Wales' power requirements.

Eraring Power Station receives recycled water from the nearby Dora Creek Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) for use in its high pressure boilers. Approximately 1100ML/year of recycled water is supplied for use in the station's high pressure boilers.

Recycled water from Dora Creek WWTW is transferred to a water reclamation plant at the power station, where it undergoes further filtration and purification through a combined microfiltration and reverse osmosis system, removing greater levels of suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and dissolved salts.

Eraring Power Station uses the majority of the treated effluent produced at Dora Creek WWTW, meaning that there is little or no discharge into local water ways.

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