Pesticide Use Notification

As part of our maintenance activities we need to control weeds and pests.  Our Pesticide Use Notification Plan details how we do this and what notification we provide to the community.

Forward Plan for Storm Water Channels

We have approximately 95 kilometres of stormwater assets that require maintenance on an ongoing basis. Open channels have ample access to water, nutrients and sunlight making them ideal places for weeds to grow, especially in the cracks of concrete. Vegetation can impede the flow of storm water and result in unnecessary inundation of community assets.  

Our contractors will be spraying weeds in the cracks of the concrete storm water channel and adjacent land when required.  All labelled directions will be followed and applications will be done in adherence to the Pesticide Act 1999 and the Pesticide Regulation 2017. 

Stormwater Channel Treatment of  Timing 
Throsby Creek system Weeds in concrete cracks  Ongoing
Cottage Creek system
  • Weeds in concrete cracks
  • Kidney leaf mud plantain around the Hamilton and Hamilton North areas (typically in the warmer months and further notification will be distributed via signs and letterbox notification to neighbouring properties)
Wallsend system Weeds in concrete cracks  Ongoing
Jesmond system Weeds in concrete cracks  Ongoing
Cessnock system Weeds in concrete cracks  Ongoing
Cardiff system  Weeds in concrete cracks  Ongoing

Forward Plan for Parks and Picnic Grounds

We have a number of public parks and picnic grounds we maintain.  In an effort to minimise bindies and weeds in the turf grass we spray broadleaf herbicides in the late winter early spring (August / September).  Other notification procedures will be in place where warning signs will be put in place before, during and after spraying as per our notification plan.

 Parks  Treatment of   Timing
 Finnan Park  Turf grassed areas - broadleaf (bindies)  August / September
 Balickera Park  Turf grassed areas - broadleaf (bindies)  August / September
 Chichester Dam Picnic Areas  Turf grassed areas - broadleaf (bindies)  August / September

Forward Plan for Pump Stations, Reservoirs and Depots  

Pump Stations, reservoirs and depots Treatment of   Timing
Pump Stations, reservoirs and depots Cracks in concrete, weeds in gardens and controlling environmental and  priority weeds  Ongoing, small quantities are generally used  (≤20 L) to apply domestic like use using hand held hand powered applicators).