Case Study - Lambton High School

In August 2010 Hunter Water employees were checking the online Leakage in Schools portal and noticed a large amount of water being used at Lambton High School overnight.

Further investigation of the portal showed baseflow (water used between 9pm and 5am) of up to 18 litres per-minute, or 26,000 litres per day.

This leak had not been previously noticeable and therefore it was suspected to be an underground leak, such as a broken pipe. If left unattended, this leak could have cost the school over $20,000 p.a in water usage costs.

After a preliminary inspection by Hunter Water staff, Hunter Water organised for a specialist leak detection service to visit the school and pinpoint the leak.

After identifying the leak Hunter Water provided the principal and the school's assets manager with a report and image of the leak's location. This allowed the school to quickly and easily organise for a plumber to fix the leak and stop the wastage of water and money.