In the Home

Shower Challenge

At Hunter Water we are committed to helping you save this precious resource through a range of hints and tips.

  1. Kitchen


    Up to 10 per cent of all household water consumption occurs in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning, washing, or drinking.
  2. Save Water Home Page


    Fifteen to twenty per cent of all water consumed in the home is used in the laundry, making this room a high consumer of not only water, but also energy and detergents.

  3. Save Water- Home


    Nearly half of all water consumed in the home is used in the bathroom. Twenty per cent of that water is flushed down the toilet.

  4. Garage and Driveway

    Garage & Driveways

    Washing your car and cleaning your driveway are activities that traditionally use a lot of water. Here are some ways to reduce water consumption while still having a clean driveway and car.

  5. Pools and Spas

    Pools & Spas

    You can be water efficient and still enjoy these great leisure activities if you follow a few simple water conservation guidelines.

  6. Fixing Leaks

    Fixing Leaks

    A slowly dripping tap may seem insignificant, but it alone can waste 20,000 litres in a year.

  7. Rainwater Tanks


    Using rainwater and greywater instead of our precious drinking water for outdoor purposes could save each household more than 50,000 litres of drinking water every year.

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    Save Water, Save Energy

    Most of us know the importance of saving energy, and many know the importance of saving water. But few of us connect that by saving one, we also save the other.