Water Zoning

Water zoning simply means planting plants with similar watering needs next to one another in groups.

This is where mass planting comes in and can make the task much easier. By planting a group of exactly the same plant you can make a bold impact with your design because you have one colour, shape and texture. A carpet of one type of ground cover can be stunning.

In many plant families there are plants with exactly the same growing characteristics but just variations in the foliage or flower colour. The herb marjoram is an example, where green, gold or varied forms are available.

The deciduous hibiscus is an example of a group of plants where the habit and leaves are the same but the flowers can vary from white to mauve, pink and crimson.

In a small cottage garden or a garden made up of a collection of pot plants, collect plants that have similar needs for water in the one position.

It is easiest to group the plants into three main categories:

  • High water use.
  • Medium water use.
  • Low water use.