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Businesses who cut water usage find they do not only save money on usage charges, but also on wastewater and energy costs.

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Hunter Water Business Savers Program

Hunter Water in partnership with the Hunter Business Chamber is offering free water audits as part of the Hunter Business Water Savers Program in 2017.

The program aims to improve water efficiency in amenities and kitchens through retrofits of water efficient devices.

Business Benefits

By taking part, your business can expect to:

  • Save money on water and energy bills.
  • Reduce amenity and kitchen water use by up to 30 per cent.
  • Build a profile in the community as a water efficient business.

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Upon registering your interest, Hunter Water will visit your site to assess eligibility.

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Upon joining the program, Hunter Water will:

  • Organise a qualified plumber to audit your bathrooms, kitchenettes and commercial kitchens.
  • Deliver a report outlining actions to improve water efficiency and a price to implement those actions.