• Major Projects

    Major Projects

    The community and environment will benefit from our targeted capital investment program across our entire water supply and wastewater network.

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Major Projects

Hunter Water is continually implementing new projects to:

  • improve water and wastewater services to customers
  • provide new facilities in areas of growth
  • replace ageing assets as required
  • increase use of recycled water
  • protect and improve the health of our environment and waterways
Belmont 6 Rising Main thumbnail list

Belmont 6 Pipeline Construction

Timeframe: (Stage 2) March 2016 - December 2016

A new section of pipeline is being installed through the Belmont Wetlands State Park to improve service to customers and help protect the environment.

Biosolids thumbnail

Biosolids Handling and Re-use

Timeframe: December 2016 to June 2017.

Hunter Water is investing $6.1M to provide and improve biosolids handling facilities at nine wastewater treatment plants.

Burwood UV Upgrade

Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works UV Upgrade

Timeframe: 2016 - 2017

Hunter Water is investing $14 million to provide an ultraviolet disinfection system at the Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works.

Congewai and Quorrobolong Creek CIP Web Large

Congewai & Quorrobolong Creek Catchment Improvement Program

Timeframe: 2016 - 2021

A Catchment Improvement Program (CIP) will be implemented over 5 years to improve water quality in the Congewai and Quorrobolong Creeks.

Chichester Gravity Main Thumbnail

Chichester Trunk Gravity Main

Timeframe: Ongoing

The Chichester Trunk Gravity Main (CTGM runs for 70 kilometres from Chichester Dam to the western outskirts of Newcastle. Installed almost 100 years ago, the CTGM was constructed using lead based collars and primer paints, as was standard practice at that time. Hunter Water is working to replace the lead-based materials. The quality of our drinking water is not affected.

Dungog WWTW Major Project List Thumb

Dungog WWTW Upgrade

Timeframe: 2014 to 2020

Hunter Water is planning to upgrade the Dungog WWTW. This will involve a physical upgrade to the plant and development of an Effluent Management Strategy.

Farley Wastewater Treatment Works Thumbnail

Farley WWTW Stage 3B Upgrade

Hunter Water is investing $63.6M in upgrading the Farley WWTW to ensure it meets the needs of a growing population and provides the best possible environmental outcomes.
Koorigang Industrial Water Scheme thumblist

Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme

Timeframe: Ongoing

The Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme (KIWS) will provide high quality recycled water to industrial users on Kooragang Island. Infrastructure for KIWS includes an Advanced Water Treatment Plant (AWTP) and water educational facility in Channel Road, Mayfield West, and the associated pipelines.

Lochinvar Upgrades

Lochinvar New Water and Wastewater Projects

Timeframe: Under construction

Hunter Water is installing new water and wastewater infrastructure to improve services to existing customers and provide for future population growth.

Maitland 14 Upgrade WWPS Major Project

Maitland 14 Pump Station Upgrade

Timeframe: January - October 2016

A replacement wastewater pump station at Farley/Rutherford will provide improved performance, especially in wet weather, reduced odours and capacity for future population growth.
Morpeth WWTW Upgrade Stage 3 large

Morpeth Wastewater Treatment Works Upgrade

Timeframe: December 2014 to June 2016

The Morpeth WWTW is being upgraded to meet the needs of a growing population and improve the performance of the sewerage system.

Cast Iron Sewer Rehab

Newcastle CBD Sewer Revitalisation

Timeframe: February - July 2016

Hunter Water and its contractor, Insituform Pacific, are upgrading the performance of the sewermains in central Newcastle, to prepare for future residential and business growth.

Pipeline rehabilitation wastewater thumblist

Pipeline Rehabilitation Program - Wastewater

Timeframe: Ongoing

Hunter Water is improving the wastewater system by rehabilitating existing wastewater pipelines across our network.

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

Timeframe: Ongoing

Smoke testing is used to test the integrity of Hunter Water's wastewater (sewer) system. Smoke escaping from pipes, pumping stations, hatches and other structures helps identify where repairs are needed. 

Swansea Thumbnail

Swansea Channel Crossing

Timeframe: June - December 2017

Hunter Water is investing $4.2M to construct a new water main beneath Swansea Channel. The new pipeline will ensure customers south of Swansea Bridge will have reliable access to the water supply into the future.

Tarro to Beresfield CTGM Upgrade List Thumb

Tarro To Beresfield CTGM Upgrade

Hunter Water is investing $7 million to replace the trunk watermain between Tarro and Beresfield to improve reliability and provide capacity for future population growth.
Tillegra Riparian Fencing Consultation

Tillegra Riparian Improvement Project

Timeframe: 2015 - 2020

Hunter Water is safeguarding the quality of the region's drinking water by rehabilitating the river banks of land it previously owned in the Tillegra region.

Water Quality Improvement

Water Quality Improvement

Timeframe: Ongoing

Following a decade long monitoring program Hunter Water is gradually increasing chlorine dosing at Grahamstown, Gresford, Lemon Tree Passage and Nelson Bay Water Treatment Plants to improve water quality consistency.

Williamtown list thumb

Williamtown Water

Timeframe: Early 2016 - Mid 2017

The Williamtown water reticulation scheme will provide access to safe drinking water for residents and businesses within the Williamtown Contamination Investigation Zone.

Wyee Sewer List Thumb

Wyee Sewer Scheme

Timeframe: December 2020

In November 2014 the Wyee Sewer Scheme was announced. This program is a Hunter Water initiative jointly funded by the NSW State Government. When completed existing properties in the Wyee Township will be provided with a connection to the sewer system. This will replace existing septic systems in Wyee providing substantial benefits to the environment and reliable sewer services to the community.

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