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We would like to know what you think about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, about our current projects and initiatives and about how we can all best use our water. To protect it and treasure it.

By hearing what you have to say, this helps us make better decisions to shape our region’s water future. Sign up to Your Voice, our community engagement platform, where together we can all ensure the security and prosperity of our region.

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Did you know that in the Hunter region, collectively we use 10% more than leading communities in Australia. We think we can do much better to protect our drinking water supplies by using it more wisely. Really, we should all #LoveWater. We know we need to do our part to #LoveWater too, which is why we’re actively looking at ways to minimise water losses.

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Your Voice Pledge

Make a Pledge

We can all work together to save our water, so let’s all make and share our pledges to help save water. It's the little things we do in our homes and gardens that can make a big difference, like pledging to shower for just 1 minute less a day, we could all save our region 4 million litres of drinking water. And mulch your garden to save up to 10,000 litres of drinking water a year. 

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Price Review

Our Pricing

Our prices are based on what it costs to provide our services. Providing higher levels of service costs more, so it's important that we balance our service levels with affordability. Over the next twelve months and beyond, we will be asking for your say on issues relating to our prices, strategic direction and the services we deliver. 

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Young People

Our Young People

As well as our education programs, we’re always looking at initiatives to include and hear from our regions young people. A recent initiative saw the transformation of our Charlestown Reservoir with a new vibrant ‘Love Water’ themed mural, all thanks to a youth community partnership. 

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Temporary Desalination

Planning for Desalination

Hunter Water is seeking planning approval for the possible construction of a temporary desalination plant at Belmont. This temporary plant is our insurance policy in a worst case scenario if the Hunter reached critical water storage levels in unprecedented drought conditions. The plant would only be built after a suite of water saving, drought response measures were introduced across the Hunter.

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