Tankered Waste

Tankered Waste is aqueous liquid waste that is received by Hunter Water from tankers that service unsewered areas of the Hunter Region or wastewater which is deemed unfit for discharge directly to Hunter Water’s gravitational sewerage system.

We have some important rules about tankered waste:

  • We will not accept waste from outside our operating area.
  • Tankering businesses must have a formal agreement with us before we will accept discharges of tankered waste at our treatment facilities.
  • Direct tanker discharge to 'HWC sewerage system (Access chambers) is not allowed without prior approval.

Application for Tankering Agreement

View our Tankering Waste Policy here. For more information on the below please refer to our Trade Wastewater Standard:

  • general guidelines for all wastewater treatment works
  • dockets
  • emergency Operator Callout
  • classes of Aqueous Liquid Waste for Discharge
  • standard Operating Procedures

Helpful Information