Water Meters

Installing a Water Meter

Only Hunter Water or a licensed plumber can fit water meters to a property. 

Hunter Water require the installation of an approved water meter (known as the main water meter) to measure the volume of water supplied through each property service pipe to a parcel of land.

In addition to this, additional water meters (known as sub or check meters) are required to measure the volume of water supplied to certain types of "dwellings/occupancies" located within that parcel of land as well as possibly measuring water for certain purposes within a property i.e. water used for irrigation.

Positioning of Main Water Meters

  • The water meter assembly must be within 1 metres of the title boundary that abutts the water main.
  • The water meter assembly must be fitted at right angles to the water main, in line with the tapping.
  • Pre-laid water services may be installed in a parallel position to the adjoining property all other service connection must ne installed in the horizontal position.
  • The water meter assembly must be fully supported with minimum ground clearance of150mm, and should not be greater than 300mm from the finished ground level to the base of the water meter assembly (where the Backflow prevention device is a Reduced Pressure Zone type, a minimum 300mm to the device vent is required).
  • The water meter assembly must not be encased in concrete surrounds.
  • Water meters must be readily accessible for reading, maintenance and replacement.
  • Location of water meters inside a development must be approved by Hunter Water..
  • Hunter Water does not allow water meters to be installed in pits.

Meter Specifications

Below is a list of water meters currently used in Hunter Water area of operations. Water meters are affixed by Hunter Water accredited contractors following the installation of the property service. The contracted plumber is required to install a spacer to provide water supply for an interim period.

 Size  Inlet & Outlet  Meter Length  Overall pipe space
 20mm      NSW MI Wittworth threaded  154  178
 25mm      NSW MI Wittworth threaded  178  313
 32mm  2 Bolt Oval Flange  190  190
 40mm  2 Bolt Oval Flange  232  232
 50mm  4 Hole Round Flange  311  524
 50mm  4 Hole Round Flange Elster combination  300

 513 *check surge pipe recipients with Hunter Water

 80mm  4 Hole Round Flange Elster combination


 607 *
 100mm  4 Hole Round Flange Elster combination  350  610 *
 80mm  Helix Turbine 4 Hole Round Flange  413  396
 100mm  Helix Turbine 8 Hole Round Flange  483  476
 150mm  Helix Turbine 8 Hole Round Flange  500  762

Individual Metering

This is applicable to community and strata title developments where there is only one connection to Hunter Water's water supply network.

The most important criteria for approval of individual (sub) metering is accessibility of the water meters for reading and maintenance. There must be unfettered access to the meter assemblies at ground level. This requirement generally means that only horizontal or low rise developments will be eligible. Unfettered access means no fences, not behind or inside or buildings, confined spaces, gardens or any other structure / safety hazard.  To find out more click here.

Providing Water Services to New Residential Developments

When providing water services to new residential developments, developers must install the water service connection (drilling) and a pre-laid property service (main to meter) for both drinking and non-drinking (recycled) water where available for each property.