Recycled Water Plumbing

It is planned to provide recycled water to a number of new growth areas within the Hunter. These suburbs will have dual water supplies, known as dual reticulation.

Dual reticulation or 'third pipe' schemes deliver highly treated recycled water to residential areas through a separate purple pipe. This pipe supplies recycled water that is suitable for use in toilet flushing, garden irrigation, washing machines, car washing and surface cleaning.

#TITLE_634326842311588047#All plumbing work involving recycled water fixtures needs to be carried out by a licenced plumber in accordance with Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA), Australian Standards AS/NZS3500 Plumbing and Drainage and Hunter Water guidelines.

Recycled water plumbing requires particular care to ensure that there are no cross connections between potable and recycled water supplies.

All new homes built in suburbs with recycled water supply will have to undergo a series of inspections by NSW Fair Trading at various stages of construction.


If you have any questions in regard to the inspection process or the absence of an inspection label contact NSW Fair Trading.

Any modifications to recycled water plumbing requires inspection by a NSW Fair Trading.