What You Need to Provide

Although the requirements for each development vary, the most common are:

  • Design and construct water and sewer mains which join or augment Hunter Water’s water and sewer reticulation systems these are referred to as Routine Works; and
  • Design and construct major assets which will connect to Hunter Water’s water and sewer reticulation systems, i.e. pump stations, rising mains etc. These are referred to as Complex Works.

Some requirements are relevant to all development, whereas, other information is more specific to subdivisions and commercial, industrial or manufacturing developments.

By using the strategies we have in place, we can make sure that developers connect to the existing system in the most effective way. It is the developer’s responsibility to make sure their plans for connection fit with our strategies. This may mean you need to:

  • investigate your options
  • prepare the servicing concept report and
  • obtain our agreement before any detailed design work is carried out