Minor and Major Works

Constructing Minor Works

If you are only undertaking a small work, it may be possible for you to use a Minor Works Agreement. Minor Works Terms and Conditions.

This is used when your development requires only:

  • a small extension of water and/or sewer mains
  • sewermain protection work (if you are redeveloping a site).

If your development fits this scenario, the following conditions apply. You must:

  • engage an approved design consultant to design the works (we will provide plans of the existing infrastructure and possible connection points)
  • lodge a minor works application with us
  • receive approval from us to begin work
  • give our inspectors three days notice before you intend to start work
  • use a licensed plumber to complete works described in the agreement
  • complete works within 12 months from the date you submitted your application and paid the fees.

Constructing Major Works

More extensive projects will require detailed survey/design, which mean developers must use an approved consultant to design the works and engage a contractor approved by us to construct the works.

See approved contractors and approved design consultants for a list of suppliers approved to undertake the work. 

Once your designs are approved by us, a Major Works Instrument of Agreement will be issued to you. Once this agreement is executed, and the fees covering the inspection and work-as-executed survey are paid, the works can commence.

Please note our inspectors require:

  • Three days notice of intention to commence work
  • At least five days notice if a water main shutdown is required.