Building Plan Stamping

Plan Stamping Process

Hunter Water has implemented a new online process for stamping of building plans. This process maintains efficient and accurate processing of building plan assessments with the convenience of the online option.

What do you need?

If you are planning, building and/or developing your property you are required to submit your plans to us to check whether there will be no impact on Hunter Water asset. If it is determined that you are building within the zone of influence of any Hunter Water asset you will be required to submit a Build Over Asset Application together with a set of plans. However, if there is no impact to our asset, your plans will be electronically stamped and returned to you within three business days.

Plans submitted for any development other than a stand-alone dwelling will require a Developer Services Application be submitted together with a full set of plans for further assessment.

One-off plans or applications

If you are submitting a one-off plan, you can submit your application form with a full set of plans over the counter or via mail: PO Box 5171, HRMC 2310.     

What if I regularly submit applications?

If you regularly submit plans or applications to Hunter Water and would like to register to access the online application portal email us

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