Growth Maps Consultation

Hunter Water is committed to enabling good development in the Lower Hunter. Our objectives for the region are to:

  • Provide sustainable services for population growth
  • Deliver efficient and innovative services and solutions for new development
  • Work with developers and planning authorities to improve sustainability of new development
  • Improve the amenity of our urban areas

As part of our commitment to enabling good development, we are reviewing our overall approach to the delivery and funding of water and wastewater infrastructure that supports urban growth in our area of operations. We previously released and received stakeholder feedback through a Consultation Paper that described a proposed package of initiatives.

Hunter Water is preparing the first version of an annual Growth Plan. The Growth Plan will incorporate detailed growth maps identifying areas where we anticipate new development in the Lower Hunter. Development sites are mapped as colour-coded polygons over three distinct time periods, namely, 0-5 years, 5-10 years and 10+ years. The time periods relate to the expected connection date of the first Lot within that particular development site.

Hunter Water' proposed Developer-Delivered Infrastructure Agreement (DDIA) funding policy is linked to the growth maps that Hunter Water will include in the annual Growth Plan. Based on the anticipated timing of connections as categorised in the growth maps, Hunter Water may consider entering into a DDIA agreement under the various funding categories described in the growth infrastructure consultation paper and draft funding and delivery of growth infrastructure policy.

Have Your Say:

Hunter Water is keenly interested in the feedback of all interested parties - planners, local councils, developers, designers, customers and the wider community in the Lower Hunter on the detail (location and timing of development) shown in the growth maps, prior to finalisation of the Growth Plan.

Feedback should be lodged by 21 September 2017 and may be:

  • Emailed to Hunter Water:
  • Posted to:
    Developer Services
    Hunter Water Corporation
    PO Box 5171
    HRMC NSW 2310

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