A New Delivery Model for Developer Works

A New Delivery Model for Developer Works

Hunter Water has a clear role in supporting the delivery of the Government 2036 vision, as articulated in the recently released Hunter Regional Plan.

In consultation with the development and broader communities, we have commenced a process of reviewing our practices, processes and policies to better enable growth within the Lower Hunter.

One initiative is to place more autonomy back with the development community in the delivery of infrastructure where the associated risks are relatively low (Certification of Routine Works).

For more technically challenging works (Complex Works), Hunter Water wishes to remain fully engaged with Accredited Suppliers (Designers and Construction Contractors) in the asset creation process.

Into the future, we will be undertaking further engagement including revision of associated Design Standards, Approved Products, and further streamlining our internal processes to improve time efficiency and minimise the need for rework.

The Project

Hunter Water has initiated a project to develop and implement a new delivery model for developer funded infrastructure. There are two sub-projects:

Part 1 - Complex Works

Part 2 - Certification of Routine Works

For Part 2 of the project, separate draft documentation will be issued for consultation over March/April (6 weeks), feedback considered May 2017, with implementation to take place in mid 2017.

This information package focuses on Part 1 - Complex Works.

Complex Works Documents for Review - Consultation Period is from 1 March 2017 to 31 March 2017