Our Funding Application Process

An Application for Developer Delivered Contribution form can be obtained from Hunter Water's website. The Developer completes the form at four phases (A to D) of the funding of growth process:

  • A - Initial Funding
  • B - Detailed Design Estimate
  • C - Construction Award and
  • D - Final Completed Cost

More detail about the application process can be fund in the Funding and Delivery of Growth Infrastructure Manual. The Developer must submit each application to:


The applications vary because the infrastructure contribution amount in the Funding Deed may be updated based on revised information. Typically Hunter Water provides responses within 28 days of receiving each application. The exception is Application A, which may require up to 60 days to process due to the need to seek approval for funding and or to award the contract. The Developer is required to provide supporting documentation alongside each application, as outlined in the Manual and on the 'Application for Developer Delivered Contribution' form.

The final completed cost application (D) represents the total agreed cost upon which repayments are paid by Hunter Water to the Developer. Payment of invoices will be provided following approval of a Contribution Notice. Developer Contribution Schedules, which outline when payments are made for assets in the Funding Deed, must be submitted alongside each application and Contribution Notice submission. The Developer Contribution Schedule provides Hunter Water and the Developer visibility of the development progression and expected repayment timing for each asset covered under the Deed.

For further information see below: