Pressure Sewer Systems

Hunter Water will support servicing of new single lot residential developments with pressure sewer where it is demonstrated to be the preferred servicing option.  This may be for servicing the full development, or part(s) of the development in combination with conventional gravity sewer. Hunter Water's policy is to own and maintain the on-lot pressure sewer units where it complies with Hunter Water standards. Pressure sewer servicing development other than a single residential dwelling (such as in commercial or industrial applications) may be permissible in certain circumstances, but these pressure units will not be owned or maintained by Hunter Water. 

Guide for Home Owners and Builders

This Guideline is provided to assist new property owners, and builders, to connect homes located within subdivisions served by a Pressure Sewer System to the sewer services of Hunter Water. The Guideline also assists homeowners understand their requirements for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the pressure sewerage equipment located on their property.

Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia

The Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia covers the planning, design, products and materials of reticulation networks up to and including DN 300, on-property design, collection/grinder pump units and service connection pipework, as well as air management in pressure sewer systems. Construction, testing and commission are also addressed, supported by Standard Drawings.

The WSA 07-2007 V1.1 Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia is available for purchase through the WSAA bookshop. For all enquiries regarding purchase of the codes, please contact WSAA directly.

Hunter Water's Supplement to WSA 07

Hunter Water's supplement to the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia, WSA 07-2007 (WSA 07), is to be read in conjunction with WSA 07, and in any areas of overlap the requirements of this document (or to any other documents referred to from this document) shall take precedence. Where a Designer wishes to deviate from the requirements of WSA 07 as inclusive of this supplement, they are to contact Hunter Water who shall assess whether or not any variation is permitted.

Pressure Sewer Standard Drawings

Hunter Water's pressure sewer system standard drawings depict Hunter Water's default construction practice requirements for pressure sewer systems.

Planning and Design Guideline

This document compiles Hunter Water's requirements on a range of issues associated with the planning and design of pressure sewer systems (PSS).

Hydraulic Design Guideline

This guideline outlines Hunter Water's design requirements for pressure sewer systems (PSS). Design and construction of PSS is considered to be 'Complex Works' by Hunter Water and must follow the nominated asset creation process.

Design of PSS can only be undertaken by competent design consultants listed on the Register of Accredited Design Consultants for Developer Works.

Construction of PSS can only be undertaken by competent construction contractors listed on the Register of Accredited Construction Contractors for Developer Works.

Capital and Operating Cost Estimate Template

This template is to be used as a basis for developing capital and operating cost estimates for pressure sewer systems, and is primarily for use at the optioneering phase of project development, prior to full scheme details becoming available. This template is to be issued to PSS designers as required.