Drawings, Plans & Specifications

Hunter Water and its suppliers use a variety of documents when undertaking work and these are outlined for you.

Your participation and assistance in the ongoing review and development of design standards would be greatly valued.  If you have any comments, suggestions or queries, email us.

Network Design Standards

Our Network Design Standards defines parameters and practices to be adopted in designing for Hunter Water's water and sewer systems.

Standard Technical Specifications

Our Standard Technical Specifications (STS) define our default technical requirements for a variety of materials and classes of work associated with the construction and maintenance of Hunter Water’s water and sewer systems.

Standard Drawings

Our Standard Drawings depict Hunter Water’s default construction practice requirements for Hunter Water’s water and sewer systems.

Water Supply and Sewerage Reticulation Design Submissions

Our Water Supply and Sewerage Reticulation Design Submissions provide templates and checklists designers preparing submissions for land development.

HWC Electricity Price Projections (2009-2050)

The Operating and Maintenance Cost Guidelines contains assumptions regarding electricity prices that should be used when conducting a business case or Net Present Value (NPV) analysis for projects involving options with an ongoing energy cost.


Hunter Water Design Standards are regularly reviewed and updated. From November 2010 the Design Standards Group started distributing newsletters to summarise changes to the design manuals, technical specifications, drawings and approved products. The newsletters are available below:

Asset Standards Newsletter June 2015

If you want Hunter Water to alert you to changes to the design standards, you can email us. Include your firm's name, a contact name and email address for the advice.