Fatal Risk - Critical Elements Mandatory Safety Rules and Procedures

Together with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), Hunter Water has identified the top fatality potentials from across the Water Services Industry and established the Fatal Risk Standards (FRS). Each FRS have Critical Elements for each topic, which when abided by, will prevent fatalities in our workplace.

Hunter Water has developed the following Critical Elements which describe the mandatory safety rules and procedures which are designed to:

  1. Prevent fatalities, serious injuries and high potential near miss incidents;
  2. Provide workers and leaders with simple, clear and concise standards so that there is no doubt regarding the critical elements which need to be understood and complied with before commencing a job; and
  3. Provide leaders and management with clear standards so that workers can be provided with positive feedback for safe behaviours, and sufficiently detailed feedback on any unsafe behaviours which may need to be corrected.

The Critical Elements contained in FRS should be considered as the "Must Do's" which all Hunter Water personnel, contractors and visitors must comply with, to keep themselves and others safe. We should never commence work without the FRS Critical Element rules in place. If anyone notices a workmate, contractor, visitor or member of the public (on Hunter Water property) putting themselves or others at risk, we need to safely intervene, stop the activity, and ensure the necessary controls are in place and complied with, before re-commencing work. All workers are reminded that you are fully empowered to stop any activity that does not conform to the Fatal Risk Standard Critical Elements.

Importance Notice:  This publication is intended as a quick reference guide only and does not contain exhaustive detail of all the Hunter Water or legislative WHS requirements. For further information contact your Hunter Water Contract Manager or WHS team at WHSqueries@hunterwater.com.au

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