Developer Works Accredited Suppliers

We maintain lists of approved designers, suppliers and contractors who have in the past demonstrated understanding of our issues and requirements and competence in preparing plans, constructing works and designing structures.

Please note that Hunter Water does not bind itself to grant accreditation to any applicant.

How to become a Developer Works Accredited Supplier

Design Consultants and Construction Contractors must use the Hunter Water Accreditation Application to apply to be accredited.

Please note that using these suppliers is entirely at your own risk, and does not guarantee acceptance of plans or approval of works.

Accredited Design Consultants 

Hunter Water requires that water and sewer systems for new developments be designed by accredited design consultants.

Accredited Construction Contractors 

Hunter Water requires that certain classes of work be undertaken by contractors accredited for that class of work.

Approved Products and Manufacturers

We require particular components of our water and sewer systems are of approved products manufactured by approved manufacturers.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

In order to ensure employee, contractor and visitor safety, wellbeing and fitness for work, Hunter Water Corporation has implemented an Alcohol and Other Drugs Testing Policy.

This policy applies to all Hunter Water employees, contractors, subcontractors and their employees and members of the Board of Directors whilst at Hunter Water controlled workplaces.