How to become a Developer Works Accredited Supplier

Hunter Water has created the Accreditation process to ensure Accredited Suppliers are suitably qualified and able to participate in the creation of Developer Works. Some of the key features of the new process:

  • The participants' roles are more clearly defined
  • Accreditation is no longer open-ended, unless all criteria are continuously met
  • Performance management is fair and transparent
  • A means in place to suspend or remove those whose work contains serious breaches or fails to improve to a satisfactory error free level

Hunter Water does not bind itself to grant accreditation to any applicant. Hunter Water can delay making a decision to accreditation in any or all categories for which an application has been made. This includes fulfilment by the applicant of other requirements deemed necessary by Hunter Water.

Hunter Water holds at its sole discretion, whether an applicant is deemed competent to be listed as Developer Works Accredited Supplier. Where an application fails to demonstrate a sufficient level of competency, Hunter Water will formally advise the basis to the applicant.

Design Consultants and Construction Contractors must use the relevant Hunter Water Accreditation application to apply to be a accredited.

Assessment may take up to 2 months to complete.

If you require further assistance please email us.