Unserviced Properties

If you own an unserviced property and wish to connect to reticulated water or sewer, contact us and our friendly staff will advise you of our application process. 

If you plan to proceed to service the lot, you will need to submit a Water / Sewer Service Application. We will assess your application and send a Formal Notice of Requirement in which you will be advised to pay a developer charge and carry out works to extend water or sewer mains. This process is similar to the steps in the Section 50 development application process.

Application Forms

Connecting & Disconnecting Water or Sewer Services

If you are building a new house or residential dwelling, and need to connect to our water and sewer services, you will need to have your building plans stamped by Hunter Water before you take them to Council. The stamp means that your building plans are clear of any Hunter Water assets or you are building over a Hunter Water asset.

Connecting to Hunter Water services takes 5 steps:

Step 1: Have your plans stamped by the Council

Your plans must have been stamped by your local council before applying to Hunter Water for a connection to the sewer.

Step 2: Choose a licensed plumber

  • Choose a plumber licensed by the Department of Fair Trading.
  • Call the Home Advisory Centre in Newcastle on (02) 4925 7000, for a free check on your plumber.

Step 3: Drilling into the water main

To connect to the water supply, a drilling has to be made into the water main. If your property does not have a pre-laid service, you will need to decide whether your licensed plumber or Hunter Water will do the drilling.

It's your choice who performs the drilling. If you would Hunter Water to provide the drilling service, please contact us for booking costs.

Step 4: Apply for services connection

Either you or your plumber can submit an Application for Services Connection Form. To pay the appropriate fees or charges bring a copy of your building plan which has been stamped by your Council to any Hunter Water Customer Centre.

To complete the application you will need to bring along the following information, which your plumber can provide:

  • The size of your private water service (standard residential size is 20mm).
  • The size of the drilling to the watermain.
  • If your plumber is doing the drilling, the date and approximate time it will be done.
  • Your plumber’s licence number, name and phone number.
  • The date when the water meter frame will be ready for our meter contractors to install the meter.

Step 5: Connecting your services

Your water will be connected first:

  • Confirm that the meter frame ready date is suitable to your plumber. This date can be changed after the application is made with no extra cost to you, providing you give us at least 24 hours notice.
  • If you have booked Hunter Water to provide the drilling service, tell your plumber the drilling day and time. If the drilling hasn't been booked, you or your plumber can contact us to arrange a time.

To connect your sewer service:

  • Confirm with your plumber that they will book the required plumbing audit inspections with NSW Fair Trading prior to completing the sewer connection work.

Disconnecting Hunter Water Services

You may disconnect from our services if:

  • you have complied with all applicable health, environmental and local council regulatory requirements.
  • you have given us information we may reasonably require.
  • you have submitted an Application for Services Disconnection
  • you use a licensed plumber
  • we approve the disconnection work:
    • the disconnection must be inspected by a Hunter Water plumbing inspector, for which you will need to pay a fee.
    • the work must be in accordance with plumbing, drainage or other regulations or standards that may apply.