Hazard Profiles

Hazard Profiles have been prepared by Hunter Water to help contractors to identify Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards associated with various hazardous activities and prepare safe work method statements.

Although the profiles are reasonably detailed, they are not intended to be exhaustive. There may be other hazards associated with the activity depending on the site(s) and the construction technique proposed by the contractor.

The contractor must therefore:

  • undertake his/her own hazard identification and risk assessment for the particular site(s) at which the work under the contract will be undertaken.
  • determine the appropriate actions which must be taken to eliminate or satisfactorily control the risks.
  • prepare safe work method statement(s) which include the specific requirements of the Contract.


Other hazard profiles for construction related activities can be found by visiting WorkCover.

Contact us if you would like a copy of a hazard profile in a Word document format.