Ready for Your Tomorrow - 2050

Since Hunter Water's beginnings over 120 years ago, we've been laying the foundations for our region to grow and succeed.

Fresh running water first came to the Hunter's taps in 1885 and helped see the region's population virtually double in a year.

Our water and sewerage network needs to be a step ahead, ready for the homes and businesses that will be built tomorrow.

That's why we're investing $1.1 billion over 10 years from 2016 to improve our system and ultimately allow the region's population to reach one million people by 2050.

The Hunter is one of the fastest growing regions in the state and we're building what we need for the future, while keeping our bills among the lowest in the country.

Key Growth Projects

Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant

Hunter Water will spend at least $40 million to expand the Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant, allowing it to provide an extra 47 billion litres of water annually. 

Farley and Morpeth Wasetwater Treatment Works

In Maitland $48 million will be invested in expanding Farley Wastewater Treatment Works to allow for 8,000 new homes in Rutherford, Lochinvar and Aberglasslyn. Morpeth Wastewater Treatment Works is also undergoing an $18 million upgrade for the new Maitland Hospital and developments in Chisholm and Thornton.

Raymond Terrace Wastewater Treatment Works

With an extra 24,000 people expected to call Port Stephens home by 2035, Hunter Water is spending $63 million on upgrading the Raymond Terrace Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will service the Kings Hill development and expanded Newcastle Airport. Kings Hill alone could one day house as many as 11,000 new residents in the Hunter.


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