Water Meter Leaks

Before you report a leak it's important to identify where the leak is coming from. We are responsible for maintaining and repairing any issues with the water meter, path tap and pipes from the street to the water meter when the meter is within one metre of the property boundary.     

What am I responsible for?

The property owner is responsible for all pipes from the meter inside the property including internal pipes, garden taps and fittings.

maintenance responsibility

Common issues to report online are:

Path tap

  • The path tap won't turn off the water supply
  • The path tap is leaking     

Water Meter

  • The body of the water meter is leaking 
  • The pipe from the water main to the water meter is leaking                

Note: the diagram references typical water system maintenance responsibilities for an authorised standard connection.

The path tap is located on the street side of the water meter and is used to control the water supply to your property. Houses will find it located outside, while for units or apartments it may be near your front door or in a service cupboard.        

We will not attend to repair:

  • damage to your water system not caused by us.
  • private water services connecting to our water infrastructure under the terms of a separate agreement
  • main to meter services greater than 40mm in diameter
  • unauthorised connections
  • Water services connected to privately owned water mains (some community title subdivisions or private joint water services).
  • fire services
  • backflow prevention devices on properties, expect where the device is integrated into the water meter supplied and owned by us.

In these instances you will need to contact a licensed plumber to carry out the appropriate work as your own expense

If you believe the leak is our responsibility:

Did you know?


We need clear access to your water meter.

We are unable to repair a water meter that is buried or does not have 225mm clearance from the ground.

We will need your help to clear the area so we can safely work on it.

meter clearance