Report a Water Leak

Our water is precious and our community is the eyes and ears of our water supply network. Your quick reporting of a water leak can help reduce water loss and wastage.

Step 1: View our current water outages

We may already be aware of the leak. 

Step 2: Let's identify where the leak is located?

Call us immediately on 1300 657 000 if you see a moderate or major water leak, or a leak causing harm or property damage.   

Water leak in the street

Street or Public Property

water meter

Water Meter

leak on my property

My Property

Other emergency faults include:

  • sewer overflows or suspected blockages
  • sewer issues causing harm or property damage
  • security concerns about our assets and infrastructure (e.g. graffiti, vandalism or break-in to a water reservoir or pump station)

Please call us on 1300 657 000 immediately for emergency faults.

Did you know?

We regularly survey our 5,000km water network using a combination of inspections, sensors and other equipment. Because the noise of a leak can be heard through the pipe network, leaks inside a property can be pinpointed even though they are hidden from sight.