A Water Leak on My Property


I think I have a water leak. What do I do?

Before you report a leak it's important to identify where the leak is coming from. We are responsible for the pipes from the watermain (typically on the street) to your water meter where the meter frame is situated a maximum of 1 metre inside your property boundary.

What am I responsible for?                

Responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of pipes from your water meter to the home (but not including the water meter) is the home owner's responsibility.

maintenance responsibilities

If you are the:

  • Owner – contact an independent licensed plumber immediately.
  • Tenant of a rental property – contact your agent or the owner of the property immediately. It's important that you encourage your landlord/agent to repair the leak as soon as possible as you are responsible for all usage charges (i.e. you pay for the leaking water).       

If you believe the leak is our responsibility:

For example, a leaking pathtap or water meter or a leak in the pipes from your meter to the connection point to our water main (ie your water service):        

How to Test for Leaks

Reading your water meter is a great way to check for leaks within the pipe work on your property. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all taps and water-using devices at your property
  2. Check your meter reading. Learn how to read your water meter.
  3. If the dial is not visibly moving, wait for at least fifteen minutes (the longer the better as small leaks may take longer to show)
  4. Write down the black and the red numbers again – have they changed?
  5. If the red numbers have changed, the test confirms there is a leak and further investigation is needed.

If you are concerned or have identified a leak in your water service, you should contact a licensed plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Undetected or Hidden Leaks

There may be times when a leak may be on your property but there are no visible signs, in this instance you may be eligible for a undetected leak rebate. You will need to complete a Undetected Leak Rebate Application form and provide all required documentation to us. We will assess your application and will provide a response as soon as possible.